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Atlas Capital

Atlas is a fintech ecosystem developed to serve as a source of stability for the challenging times ahead. Atlas’ mission is to mitigate the impacts of ensuing risks across as wide a segment of the community as possible by supporting the development of climate resilient communities across North America, while also insulating against inflation and the potential decline in the real value of the US dollar.

Atlas will pursue this mission by developing comprehensive financial solutions that are rooted in value preservation and sustainable real assets. It’s first vehicle, Atlas America Fund, is a private fund focused on low volatility and long-term investing objectives. Its investment approach is top-down macro, bottom-up fundamental within an ESG framework.

Atlas believes ESG extends to the way the manager carries itself and therefore intends to deploy a substantial part of its net compensation to seed and grow its charity, Atlas Charitable Endeavors (ACE). The goal of ACE is to support food and water security and the holistic development of resilient communities.