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Boloro Global Limited licenses its multi-factor and multi-channel authentication and payment service platform that is compatible with all mobile phones, making it ideal for identity verification and transaction validation across all use cases, including online banking, digital payments and eCommerce. Boloro’s process puts security in the user’s hands by leveraging the physical phone the user possesses, the memorized PIN or Password the user knows, and the secure signaling layer of the carrier, avoiding the Internet and Operating Systems. The process is immediate, user-friendly, secure and fraud-free, and available for white label licensing and local or cloud-based hosting.

In addition, Boloro has a proprietary Authenticated Sharia Compliant Lottery, Betting, Gaming and eCommerce platform that is also available for white-label licensing and local hosting. Boloro Global Limited is a New York City-based Delaware, USA corporation. Boloro’s Authentication has been approved by the GSMA (Global Association of Mobile Carriers) and patented in 84 countries worldwide.