Emirates and Etihad Detail U.S. Route Reopenings, Health & Safety Measures, and Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Efforts


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Senior executives from Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways highlighted their respective airlines’ U.S. route reopenings and updated frequencies, enhanced safety measures, and continued commitment to a safe, healthy and superior travel experience in a webinar hosted by the U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council. Please find a recording of the videoconference here.

A short summary of these developments, which were detailed by Mr. Andrew Bunn, Vice President of Sales for the U.S. at Emirates Airline, and Mr. Vincent Frascogna, Vice President, Americas at Etihad Airways, can be found here

As vaccine distributions will soon allow for international travel to resume at higher frequencies​, the two executives detailed the status of their current routes, both in terms of frequencies and types of aircraft. They spoke about the increased importance of cargo for their operations and their determinations about which routes to reopen. Moreover, they answered audience questions about possible new routes throughout the United States. 

​The two panelists outlined their respective ​airlines’ efforts to keep passengers safe and ensure a seamless travel experience for all. ​They provided guidance on navigating negative Covid-19 PCR test procedures, which both airlines have been at the forefront of ​requiring since the pandemic began ​and which have given passengers “peace of mind.” Both speakers spoke about their rollout of the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) travel pass, which allows passengers to access data, testing requirements, and restrictions all in one place. Mr. Frascogna expanded ​in particular on Etihad’s fully vaccinated crew​, Wellness Ambassadors, and Diamond status awarded by APEX Health Safety.

Mr. Bunn and Mr. Frascogna also discussed ​how their airlines ensure the health and safety of passengers while maintaining a luxury premium experience. ​Mr. Bunn spoke about the new premium economy cabin Emirates recently launched. ​Moreover, both executives detailed the “passenger experience.”

Mr. Bunn spoke about Emirates’ plans to bring as many visitors as possible to Expo 2020, ​which he said would be the “greatest show ever.” ​Meanwhile, Mr. Frascogna discussed the opportunities stemming from the Abraham Accords for improved connectivity via air travel in the region.

Both panelists underlined Emirates and Etihad’s committment to aiding in the Covid-19 distribution efforts through their cargo services and partnerships. ​Mr. Frascogna acknowledged  Etihad’s involvement in the Hope Consortium and its recent MoU with UNICEF. Meanwhile, Mr. Bunn acknowledged Emirates leading role in the Vaccine Logistics Alliance.

For more information on the Business Council’s efforts in this regard, please contact Graham Reitman at greitman@usuaebusiness.org