U.A.E. Embassy and U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council host Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit Workshop and Luncheon in Washington D.C.


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The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, in partnership with the U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council, hosted an interactive policy workshop designed to generate input for the inaugural 2017 Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit (GMIS) in Abu Dhabi.  Today’s workshop and networking luncheon included senior leaders from across government, the private sector, and civil society from both the U.A.E. and the U.S. Workshop attendees discussed the trends, challenges, and potential solutions for growing a sustainable global manufacturing sector, efforts at harnessing innovation, and developing mutually-beneficial industry partnerships.

U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council President Danny Sebright and U.A.E. Trade and Commercial Office, Senior Commercial Trade Specialist, Karim Gamal, provided introductory remarks and welcomed U.A.E. Ambassador to the U.S., His Excellency Yousef Al Otaiba who delivered a welcome keynote address which set the tone for the afternoon.

Photo Jun 22, 7 26 43 PM (2)U.A.E. Ambassador to the U.S., His Excellency, Yousef Al Otaiba

“The participation of U.S. companies in the Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit underscores the strong business relationships and economic cooperation between the U.S. and the U.A.E.,” said Al Otaiba.  “Without a doubt, we expect to see greater cooperation in the manufacturing sector in the years ahead – as technology advances and our bilateral trade relationship continues to grow.  Exchanges in capacity building, training, education, and technology transfer will lead to more jobs, continued innovation, and prosperity.”

Following  Ambassador Al Otaiba’s keynote address and scene setting remarks, CEO of Strata Manufacturing PJSC, and member of the GMIS organizing committee, Badr Al Olama, delivered a presentation highlighting the mission and objects of the 2017 GMIS Workshop.

Photo Jun 22, 7 32 10 PM (2)CEO of Strata Manufacturing PJSC and member of the GMIS organizing comittee, Badr Al Olama

“We are grateful to both the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington and the U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council for their support in organizing  the workshop,” said Al Olama.  “U.S. manufacturers are paving the way across industries with highly disruptive and innovative technologies that endeavor to give people all over the world an opportunity for a better life; whether that be in medical devices, consumer goods or transportation and mobility.  With the participation of many of those companies at the workshop in Washington, we are keen to listen and learn about the U.S. manufacturers view of transformational ideas that could ultimately shape the future of manufacturing.”

Photo Jun 22, 6 25 47 PM (3)U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council President, Danny Sebright

“The manufacturing sector has one of the highest multiplier effects on an economy, and is a major driver of knowledge building and job creation,” said Sebright.  “This workshop is the ideal platform for U.S. companies to discuss new innovations and opportunities ahead of the Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit in 2017.”

Topics discussed during several moderator-led break-out sessions included regulation and compliance, skills training, smart manufacturing, sustainable and green build, and government partnerships for sustainable financing.

Photo Jun 22, 6 51 27 PM (2)Senior leaders from across the government and private sector discussing workshop questions regarding sustainable growth in manufacturing

To find out more about GMIS, please see below.

GMISLOGOThe United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the UAE Ministry of Economy have joined forces to launch the Global Manufacturing & Industrialization Summit (GMIS) in 2017, in collaboration with the Global Agenda Council for the Future of Manufacturing of the World Economic Forum.

GMIS is part of a wider global initiative to promote and advance inclusive and sustainable industrial development. By bringing the public and private sectors together with civil society, GMIS will encourage greater investment in manufacturing capabilities, drive innovation and promote skills development worldwide.

Together, selected representatives from the public sector, private sector and civil society will formulate a global declaration that will promote inclusive and sustainable industrial development globally