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The Applied AI Company

AAICO is a leading AI technology company founded in 2021 by Arya H. Bolurfrushan, along with a team of Silicon Valley engineers, applied AI experts, and seasoned investment professionals. The AAICO team is rooted by its world-class engineers, with headquarters in the U.A.E. and global leadership located across San Francisco, London, and Frankfurt. AAICO operates with a private equity mindset by launching, investing in, and applying proprietary AI technology to companies to unlock measurable value for investors. AAICO deploys a combination of capital and AI technology directly through both private and public investments, as well as through special situations such as acquiring distressed AI assets. AAICO targets businesses in regulated industries including, Insurance, Healthcare and Financial Services, which are document, process and resource heavy. Through targeted investments and partnerships with like-minded management teams, AAICO applies its proprietary AI technology to legacy business models to deliver measurable margin improvements.