The U.A.E. Healthcare Sector

The U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council is pleased to present its fifth annual report on the U.A.E. Healthcare Sector.

Expanding on the Business Council’s previous versions of this report, this study provides an important reference for U.S. companies hoping to take part in the next phase of the U.A.E.’s healthcare development by providing key information about the Emirati healthcare sector and potential U.A.E. partners.

This report aims to:

  • Review key recent developments in the U.A.E.’s healthcare sector, including the emergence of new public and private sector actors, both at the federal and emirate levels.
  • Provide an in-depth overview of the current elements of the U.A.E. healthcare system, from healthcare regulation and provision, to insurance and pharmaceuticals, to education and public health initiatives.
  • Underscore both challenges and opportunities for businesses in the U.A.E. healthcare market and offers resources to utilize when entering this market.
  • Highlight notable examples of the involvement of U.S. health and life sciences companies in the U.A.E. healthcare system and their contributions to the health and wellness of the U.A.E.’s citizens and residents.