AgTech in the U.A.E.

The United Arab Emirates has embraced cutting-edge agricultural technology as both a key pillar of its food security agenda and an important component of its economic diversification strategy. Located in a harsh desert region, the U.A.E. faces a scarcity of water, making traditional agriculture inefficient and often unproductive. Given these challenges, the U.A.E. is turning to an innovation-driven food security strategy to help feed its population. 

Partnerships with agtech companies and research institutions from around the world, including those based in the U.S., are central to the U.A.E.’s food security strategy. So, too, are investments in innovative agtech solutions. With its forward-looking approach and openness to global collaboration, the U.A.E. is fast becoming a regional and even global hub for agtech.

This report, released in conjunction with Gulfood 2021, outlines the U.A.E.’s ambitious goals in the space and the ways in which partnerships with U.S. companies will pave the way for future success.