AI Report

The U.A.E., led by homegrown companies like G42, aims to further develop its digital technology ecosystem by commercializing and deploying AI in priority sectors. The U.A.E.’s AI ambitions support the country’s larger goal of transitioning to a knowledge-based economy. U.S.-U.A.E. private sector partnerships will play a pivotal role in the U.A.E.’s AI development. 

Readers of this report will gain insights into:

  • Key projects, institutions, and developments in the U.A.E.’s AI sector. 
  • Why the U.A.E. views AI as a pillar of development and the ways it plans to become a key incubator and global thought leader in AI.  
  • The U.A.E.’s National AI Strategy 2031 and the opportunities it presents for private sector engagement. 
  • The U.A.E.’s plans to commercialize AI in a range of strategic sectors and the crucial role of startups and AI exports. 
  • Existing U.S.-U.A.E. AI collaborations in healthcare, energy, financial services, logistics, technology, agriculture, defense, and education.