Cedars Sinai

Since its inception in 1902, Cedars-Sinai has evolved to become the largest nonprofit hospital in the western United States—one that’s internationally renowned for the best patient care that modern medicine has to offer. With pioneering medical research achievements, education programs defining the future of healthcare and wide-ranging community benefit activities, Cedars-Sinai is setting new standards for quality and innovation in patient care.

Today, Cedars-Sinai is a $8 billion integrated health system serving more than 1 million people each year in over 250 locations throughout Los Angeles and Southern California, and with more than 4,500 physicians and nurses as well as 2,200 active research projects. What never changes is their commitment to be a blessing for those in need.

Cedars-Sinai’s clinical and operational excellence goes far beyond rankings and honors. The organization takes a data-driven, evidence-based approach to continuously improve quality, safety and patient experience. Cedars-Sinai is one of only three hospitals in the U.S. that rank better than the national average in five medical conditions for 30-day mortality rates. Cedars-Sinai’s partners can be confident in their commitment to improving safety and quality of care on a continual basis. Their goal is for Cedars-Sinai to remain one of the top hospitals in the U.S. for excellence in patient care, research and medical education.