U.A.E.- Israel-Bahrain Peace Accord Fosters Stability, Opportunity, and Prosperity

The U.A.E., Israel, and Bahrain made history Tuesday, September 15th in Washington D.C. with the signing of the Abraham Accords, which normalize relations between the two Arab countries and Israel. While the deal is being heralded for promoting broader peace in the Middle East, the Abraham Accords are also significant in that they will open doors for commercial and business ties among the three countries across a wide range of verticals.

From tourism, finance, and healthcare to agriculture and technology, Emirati and Israeli commercial partnerships are already beginning to emerge. The U.S., with its strong ties to both of these advanced Middle Eastern states, has the opportunity to serve as the glue strengthening trade relations while benefiting in its own right.

This report provides background information on the peace agreements and insight into the business implications of the deals.

To view the full Abraham Accords Peace Agreement, please click here. To read the Business Council’s report, please click below.